As the lead production manager for this TV show, I was responsible for managing all operational aspects of the production from script to screen, including all relationships with our international partners in the UK and Canada.

A sneak peek at Episode 15 Aeroplane.
Poor little Enda the Eagle, he’s just learning to fly but keeps crashing into things because he doesn’t know how to turn yet. Garth and Bev discover just which feathers he needs to move to turn in flight and as a treat; Lir sends them to meet Wilbur and Orville Wright whose great discovery used the same principles as inspiration for their aeroplane.

A sneak peak at Episode 19, Icelolly.
It’s the Ballybeg Winter Festival and Grandfather Lir asks Garth and Bev to find a way of displaying his grand collection of autumn leaves. The children accidentally discover that they can suspend them, frozen in ice. Lir is so pleased he sends them to meet Frank Epperson, who got his idea for the ice-lolly from a similar happy accident, when his lemonade froze on the porch overnight!