Richard Glynn

Producer | Designer | Storyteller


An award winning producer, digital media product manager, designer and creative director with a creative career spanning 12 years across a broad spectrum of industries including gaming, publishing, advertising, animation and film /TV; I have developed thousands of hours of content and produced apps and Digital Products that have reached millions of customers worldwide through digital and traditional distributional channels.

After spending the first half of my career working as a producer on major international Kids TV series for the likes of RTE, BBC, Cbeebies and Nickelodeon, I set up my own digital production studio, Studio POWWOW, developing entertainment brands and producing educational and consumer digital apps and products for young audiences.

I am a passionate storyteller and love to figure out how to translate the story and the brand across all forms of media and merchandise, including Toys, Movies, TV, Books and Games.

I help companies to turn their ideas into paying digital platforms by connecting their brands with their target audiences.

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